Introducing pressbooks/ideas 💡

Posted by Pressbooks Team

I'm always looking for better ways to keep track of feature suggestions from members of the Pressbooks Open Source community, which within our small and very active team can often get lost in the shuffle. Messages in Slack can fly by before we make note of them, and often threads in the forum include a number of ideas which should be evaluated as standalone feature suggestions but get lost in a broader discussion.

So, borrowing from the WP-CLI project where I first saw this implemented, I've created a GitHub repo for ideas from Pressbooks users. If you have an idea for Pressbooks that you'd like to suggest to our team, you can open an issue. We will evaluate your ideas on a regular basis for inclusion in our sprints and longer-term roadmap. You can check on the status of your idea by visiting the idea board.

I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges! As always we welcome feedback and discussion in the forum.