Q3 Roadmap Preview

Posted by Pressbooks Team

Q2 is drawing to a close, and we managed to get a couple of big-ticket items out the door:

We didn't manage to finish as many roadmap items as we expected, but here's what we crossed out:

  • ✔ Improve textbox and table styling across all formats
  • ✔ Finalize new theme structure and begin migrating themes
  • ✔ Add support for Common Cartridge import and export

We'll be going forward with a simplified list for Q3, with only a couple of big items. We want to focus Q3 on general housekeeping tasks such as UX improvements and backend optimisations:

Big projects

  • Provide basic support for Shibboleth SSO
  • Add new shortcodes to facilitate authoring
  • Begin researching analytics solutions

Housekeeping items

  • UX improvements to the webbook Table of Contents
  • UX improvements to the Export page
  • Other backend and frontend UX improvements
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Ongoing theme conversions

If you’re planning on working on any of these items or would like to collaborate, please let us know in the forums or tweet @pressbooksdev!