Pressbooks 5.27.1

Posted by Steel Wagstaff

This past Thursday (September 30) we released a new version of Pressbooks which included several new contributor-related features that we’d been working hard on for the past several weeks (more about this in our guide). Unfortunately, the release also included an uncaught bug that resulted in the book home pages appearing broken (the page displayed the title/subtitle and then a blank page) for books which had a cached version of book info. We released a new version of Pressbooks (5.27.1) this afternoon which includes a bug fix for the issue. We recommend all open source users skip 5.27.0 and upgrade directly to 5.27.1

If you upgraded to 5.27.0 and noticed what looks like a broken home page for any of the books on your network, updating to 5.27.1 should resolve the issue. If it does not, we recommend clearing your browser cache and reload the page. If this does not resolve the display issue, please file a bug report in Pressbooks’ GitHub repo and we’d be happy to investigate further.

— Steel