Pressbooks Book


  • [CORE ENHANCEMENT] Updated Ekatra fonts (for the Gujarati language) to the latest version.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where invisible parts would appear in the webbook TOC (props to Michael Shiflet for the bug report).


  • [FEATURE] Add parameter to pressbooks_copyright_license() to allow hiding custom copyright license (see #50).
  • [CORE ENHANCEMENT] Remove WordPress generator meta tag (see 6c621ad).


  • [FIX] Added cache busting to ensure that custom styles are loaded after save (see #46).


  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where part numbering would not reset properly in Prince if the part was the book’s first content (see #45).


  • [FIX] Fix some issues with Biblical Hebrew, Devanagari, and Turkish fonts.


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated to version 2.1 of [pressbooks/mix][1].
  • [FIX] The cover page now displays the subtitle from Book Information as the book’s subtitle, rather than the tagline.


  • Fix: Consistent display of custom copyright notice (see #38).


  • Feature: Add support for Pressbooks 4.1.0’s content licensing feature (see #25, #26, #31, #32, #37, pressbooks/pressbooks#805).
  • Feature: Add support for Punjabi Gurmukhi script (props to @alexpflores) (see #27).
  • Fix: Fix an issue where enabling social media would break the mobile webbook layout (see #28, #30).
  • Fix: Fix an issue where numberless chapters in a book would cause the MOBI export to fail with certain book themes (see #33).
  • Fix: Add webbook theme support for WordPress’ built-in `