Minor Changes

  • Add a new menu item to allow logged-in users without books to create a new book: #132
  • Add simple honeypot to contact form (#134): #135



  • Ensure that unsupported catalog subject codes aren’t loaded: #133


Upgrade Notice

Minor Changes

  • Add support for privacy tools in WordPress 4.9.6: #129


Minor Changes

  • Add customizer options for dark (hover) colours: #125
  • Update Isotope to 3.0.6: #120


  • Fix incorrect contact form title (#122): #123
  • Don’t run Intervention functions during AJAX: #121



  • Fix an issue where inserting a Call to Action via the toolbar used the wrong shortcode attribute for the link (#118): #119


Minor Changes

  • Allow the contact form email to be edited in the Customizer (#109): #113
  • Adjust the title size to better support longer network titles (#114): 874030e


  • Fix an issue where active and hover state colours could not be customized (#111): cb604c7
  • Fix some layout issues on the registration screen (#112): #115
  • Fix some layout issues on the activation screen (#116): #117


Minor Changes

  • Add editor buttons to insert shortcodes for page sections and calls to action: #108


  • Hide archived, spammed and deleted books from catalog (props @colomet for reporting): #107



  • Load header image from dist (#104, props @steven1350 for reporting): 826dc93
  • Prevent page header from overlapping menu in some situations (#103, props @beckej13820 for reporting): df793ac
  • Improve display of pages without content (#102): 0866e9a
  • Update activation routine to use shortcodes: 1409a01
  • Use a unique cookie name for the network homepage font size setting: d109496


Customisation & Branding

Aldine is the new default network theme for Pressbooks installations. Its creation was supported by Ryerson University. Designed with customization in mind, it allows network managers to add institutional branding in the form of colours, logos and contact information, as well as custom content in blocks on the front page.

Standalone Catalog

In addition, Aldine introduces a standalone catalog page that is sortable and filterable by subject or license. Adding books to the catalog is controlled in the same way as before.

Additional Pages

You can now more easily add additional pages to the network root, such as an “About Us” or “Help” page.

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