Support Pressbooks

While Pressbooks is free & open source software, creating, improving, and maintaining this project takes time, effort, and money. As a result, we ask our open source users, who depend on the long-term sustainability of the software, to contribute to the project in various ways. Our favourite kinds of support are:

If you are an institution using Pressbooks and would like to help sustain Pressbooks financially at any level, please consider hosting Pressbooks with us or contacting us to discuss how best to work together.

Get involved

The Pressbooks Open Source community is made up of people and organizations who use Pressbooks for many kinds of publishing.

Monthly Product Update

We hold an open meeting at 2pm EST on the last Thursday of each month to discuss recently releases and upcoming work. See our running agenda for details on how to join those updates, or watch recordings of past meetings on our YouTube playlist.

Pressbooks Forum

Our forum is a place for developers and Open Source users to discuss issues of interest and ask others in the community for help. If you use Pressbooks, we invite you to help others in the community who may be encountering issues.

Contribute via GitHub

You can always report bugs, open pull requests, and follow our development on GitHub. We also maintain an ideas repository where we welcome product suggestions and feature improvements from any and all. Our product owner regularly reviews these suggestions and adds them to our product backlog.


Pressbooks is maintained by developers working for Pressbooks (aka Book Oven Inc.), with past contributions from dozens of others, including:

Your contributions to our project are always welcome!